Calvary Church Ministries



Calvary offers a special presence of God. Our worship setting is compared to a country church in the city. Try us for a month we promise you won't regeret it.

Sunday Worship:

  • 10:00am

  •  6:00pm

GAK (God's Awesome Kids)


GAK is a very interactive worship service for kids ages 5-12. When building a church family GAK is the place to start. Not only are your kids in good hands they are with leaders that thrive for God.

GAK Sunday Service:

  • 10:00am

Calvary Church Youth


In the world we live in today the teens of Northwest Arkansas need a place that they can feel safe and build a family, nothing says family like Calvary Church Youth. With a unique interactive service our youth comes together to grow with God and with each other.

Wednesday Service Time:

  • 7:00pm


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Women's Bible Study

Meet monthly for fellowship and Bible study. See Rochelle Goff for more details.

Calvary Senior Rockers


The Rockers are a group of adults 50+.  Carolyn Wright, the daughter of Calvary's founder Noel Easterling, makes sure that there are plenty of chances to have great fellowship and to build a family.





The Tightwads are fun and adventurous people! This group is for adults ages 25-49.

Calvary's Kids


Calvary's Kids is a Wednesday night class for ages 5-9. This class is taught by Tiffany Calico.

Wednesday Class Time:

  • 7:00pm

Kids of God's Own Heart


KGH is a NEW class for 5th through seventh graders. This class is small and packed full of fun. This class uses a point based system and if the students get enough points total there will be a party at the end of each month. 

Wednesday Class Time:

  • 7:00pm


Sunday School offers:

Adult Bible Study

Marriage Class

Abuse Class

Teen/Pre-Teen Class

Primary (Ages 7-11) Class

*Starts at 9 A.M.